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The Low Cost Solution for Accurate and Dependable Universal Functional Test

The Semco CAM/GATE ® Universal Test Fixture System is your afforable, efficient solution for functional test. No need to have multiple fixtures in your test area...

At the heart of this system is its simple two-part architecture: a sturdy base unit, and versatile Insert Kits.

The Universal Base Base Unit incororates the Semco Patented Z-Axis CAM/GATE® Technology. All of your custom electronics and sheet metal modifications are incorporated into this universal base. This base kit facilitates rapid changeover and will maximize your test efficiency.

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Semco Insert Kits are easily customized as required for each board to be tested.

Insert kits are easily stored in a compact unit, protecting probes, sockets, and wires. The changeover from the base unit uses captive hardware, and is fast and easy. Ribbon cables are also a fast disconnect from the base unit to the insert kit.

The Insert Kits consist of a G-10 probe plate with captive thumbscrews and registration bushings. A rugged Lexan push plate mounts directly to the CAM/GATE frame, also using captive thumbscrews.

Each insert kit has a tough bottom protective cover mounted to the underside of the probe plate. Two storage clips attached to the carrying handles creating a convenient, compact storage assembly when the Insert Kit is not in use.

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Semco - Your Choice for Accuracy , Reliability and Value
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...You'll save time, space, and costs with the Semco CAM/GATE Universal Test Fixture System



Complete Insert Kits are easily stored when not being used in production. The kit is self contained - so your probes, sockets, pressure fingers and wiring are all protected- and parts can't be misplaced.



Shown is a complete insert kit as it would be stored when not being used in production.


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